Our Vetting Process

With a selective process, we work with causes that possess three critical components of which qualify a personal cause for success and the ability to push past your personal network and into a wider community of donors.



For a campaign to succeed in crossing the rift between one’s personal networks and a broader community - the ‘why’ – must motivate, inspire and compel. A campaign must express a human need, one that can relate to anyone. The donor should be able to understand there is an honest need for help and an attainable solution in which they can actively play a role.



A core network, or community, of supporters who will give and share to build initial and critical momentum. These networks can be family and friends, work colleagues, neighbors, like-minded activists in a related space, religious community, or others.



Your campaign must be credible. In our experience, an individual’s cause faces higher than average skepticism despite its credibility. To assert integrity you must be able to get references from respected members of the community and the assistance of a nonprofit for the management of funds.

In combining these three core components, a campaign is immeasurably more likely to inspire the wider community to contribute and ensure a successful campaign.

If you believe your cause fits these criteria please click below!

Live Campaigns

Tip Payment Model

As a way to give back to the community and make our impact in the world, we offer personal cause campaigns for free. Ours revenue comes from working with nonprofit organizations, allowing us to service the needs of personal causes with 0% platform fees. Ensuring that the maximum amount of money is provided to personal causes in the most dire of times.

To grow this service even further we offer the option for donors to ‘tip’ the platform a percentage of the funds donated.


personal_cause.slide_1.title March 11, 2015


personal_cause.slide.donor_number 2327

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 702,398

personal_cause.slide_2.title November 12, 2016


personal_cause.slide.donor_number 5340

personal_cause.slide.raised ₪ 1,750,424,398

personal_cause.slide_3.title May 21, 2017


personal_cause.slide.donor_number 8490

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 545,284

The Mayer Weiss Fund June 29, 2017

The sudden passing of a young man brought together an entire community. To honor his legacy, the Mayer Weiss Fund was created. Today, the fund provides financially challenged Jewish couples the opportunity to celebrate their wedding with dignity and joy.

personal_cause.slide.donor_number 1362

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 210,575

Yad Malky Legacy Fund July 7, 2017

In the wake of their daughter’s fatal overdose, her grieving family, in partnership with Yedidya, raised $ 275,954 to help others struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

personal_cause.slide.donor_number 1205

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 275,954

Fire Victims Emergency Fund July 17, 2017

After their homes were devastated by a massive fire, tens of families in Tsfat were left with less than the clothes on their backs. Kolel Chabad and other local organizations came together to establish an emergency fund that would assist with their immediate and long term needs, providing temporary shelter, food and clothing.

personal_cause.slide.donor_number 1138

personal_cause.slide.raised ₪ 309,373

Give Ester A Chance October 18, 2017

An eight year old girl from Israel united more than 1,200 people in a groundbreaking campaign to provide a life-changing surgery. Ester’s campaign raised the remaining funds needed to provide a full cranial-vault remodeling of her skull, so that she could finally feel beautiful, confident and accepted by her peers.

personal_cause.slide.donor_number 1238

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 83,576

Shua Polonsky Family Fund November 14, 2017

A loving husband and father, Shua passed at the young age of 31 after battling a rare medical condition. In the weeks prior to and following his passing, thousands around the world rallied together, taking action in prayer, acts of goodness and kindness, and to ensure long-term financial stability for his wife, Simi, and their children.

personal_cause.slide.donor_number 9160

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 1,080,165

Help Me Save My Mother's Life December 17, 2017

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of cancers in the world today, Naomi Gerlitz underwent a year and a half of extreme treatment, exhausting mainstream protocol. After a brief respite, her tumors began metastasizing once more. To find a treatment, her family launched this final effort to raise funds for a promising gene-targeted therapy.

personal_cause.slide.donor_number 1310

personal_cause.slide.raised $ 140,277

Give Devorah A Chance August 14, 2018 - August 27th, 2018

Six year old Devorah was born without a jaw. This hindered the simple, everyday actions of eating and breathing. Her community had already fundraised for an initial surgery, but to give her the chance of a normal life, a series of surgeries was still required. Together with us, her family successfully mobilized supporters both within and beyond their immediate community to raise the entirety of funds needed.




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